Lord of Ages Farming Calculator

By Bazaku Last update Feb 11, 2011 — Installed 474 times.

Script Summary: Farming Calculator for Lord of Ages MMO. Allows user to enter scouted information and determine minimum number of units to send to obtain full resources.

Just enter all the numbers from a scouting report, and your own logistics level, and the rest will autopopulate. It will show the minimum number of each troop needed to obtain the max resources for an invasion.

  • Currently it only calculates based on actual resources scouted (travel time not considered).
  • Plan to add numbers subsequent hits if planning to send multiple waves.
  • Will be adding more features for ease of access. (Like using arrow keys to increase/decrease amounts)
Remember, make sure your sent units survive the attack in order to plunder the maximum resources!

By: Airhead - Server3