The West Petee's utilities [NO LONGER UPDATED]

By Petee Last update Mar 17, 2012 — Installed 96,181 times.

Script Summary: The West Petee's utilities - used to provide several utilities for the browser game The West. Firefox, Chrome, Opera compatible (other browsers not tested). Currently only displays bank and transfer fees.

Version: 0.7x

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The West Petee's utilities
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v0.1 - Shows how much do you have to pay on fees while making a deposit in any bank.
v0.2 - Shows money transfer fees.
v0.3 - You can put multiple items on market while filling out the form just once.
v0.4 - More than two similar offers in all market tabs are now grouped into one and can be bought almost like a stack of them. Language pack support
v0.5 - Empty server response fixed, client-side sorting in all tabs (2 new keys), button to disable grouping, caching of 2nd and 3rd tab (you can use the Reload button next to Disable), script's header fixed, other bug-fixes.
v0.5.0.1 - While making a bid, you can click the Immediate purchase price to use it; Firefox 3.6 fix
v0.5.0.2 - A small compatibility fix with Lekensteyn's Quicksearch market TW Pro feature, thanks to zweig from .de for noticing
v0.5.1 - Version 1.33 r15127 compatible (works on beta); the old sorting bug fixed, new: the auction end time in the bid window is displayed with precision up to 1/100 of a second; button shortcuts (walk and center map) when you place your cursor over the Distance column in market
v0.6.alpha - never finished/released. Contained a map with your sold/bought items, also was about to provide a few bugfixes.
Development stopped
v0.7x - a tiny clean up update to make bank/transfer fees calculator available without running into issues with the new game code by disabling the whole market solution.

Uninstall older versions before installing the newest.

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