Soundcloud Super +2: Downloader + Recommender

By Captain Frech Last update Apr 11, 2012 — Installed 329,805 times.

Script Summary: This soundcloud Script adds two new features to soundcloud: Recommendations and a Download Track function.

Works on Opera, Chrome & Firefox!

If you use Firefox you will need the Greasemonkey Plugin to use userscripts. This userscript is also released as a firefox Plugin - if you use firefox better use the firefox plugin.

The new version also adds a new Menu link to the Soundcloud Charts. With this well known userscript you can find new songs that you will love and download them directly with your browser.

This soundcloud Script adds two new features to soundcloud:
* Recommendations (we need more users to make it work - its based on actions)
* Download Track (thx to the SoundCloud Infinity Download Greasemonkey plugin)

Uses easyrec ( ) to display recommendations on soundcloud. It will need some time to know some items. There will be some recommendations for new items after 24h after the calculation cron ran. After installing the script you can go to ( ) to see some recommendations ( scroll down ).

Here you find a tutorial video which explains how to use this script or the firefox addon to download soundcloud tracks.

change log

UPDATE 11.04.2012:
fixed chrome & opera issues
UPDATE 29.04.2011:
easyrec can now handle favorite actions. Now you will get Recommendations based on your favourites. I hope this will increase the quality of the recommendations. So far we have ~6000 Rules
UPDATE 11.04.2011:
easyrec can now handle anonymous users.
UPDATE 01.04.2011:
Now works for chrome and Firefox(Grease monkey) :)
UPDATE 31.03.2011:
Added Download functionality from the "SoundCloud Infinity Download Greasemonkey plugin" Modified it to work as intended i hope you don't care that i stole your script which can be used to steal stuff ...