Bandcamp Scrobbler

By RetypePassword Last update Feb 20, 2013 — Installed 39,888 times.

Script Summary: For Bandcamp: Scrobbling & loving on

Version: 1.0.6 (SCS-0.1.6)


Written at forteller's request. Based on The Groovin' Greasy Scrobbler, version 0.alpha6.

Updated 2013-02-20 (v1.0.6) to enable scrobbler on all bandcamp-hosted sites.

Updated 2011-06-11 to port over changes to GGS's handling of failed scrobbles and to the "Enable Support" button's behavior.

Updated 2012-03-27 to use the SoundCloud Scrobbler's code (from SoundCloud Scrobbler v0.1.6). Bumped up version from 0.9.11 to 1.0 to reflect this change. The script also no longer parses the page HTML and uses the Bandcamp's JS objects instead.

Updated 2012-06-26 to improve authentication storage in Opera and Chrome.

Image tutorial

Look for an "Enable Support" button above the big album or track name, depending on what page you're on. Click it and wait for a message to pop up. Follow the message's instructions and allow access to your account.

If you find any bugs or have comments or suggestions for the script, please post them on the Groovin' Greasy Scrobbler's Group Page. You can also start your own thread here if you'd like.