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By DonDavici Last update Apr 8, 2011 — Installed 273,898 times.

Script Summary: This script moved to http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/101052. Follow us to new and better versions there :-) Greets DonDavici


Hallo to all

As I'm sure many of you all are aware, that i announced that i am retiring from development of KoC Power Bot. As such, other members of the KoC Power Bot team have stepped up and created a new userscripts.org account for publishing ongoing updates to KoC Power Bot. A number of them will be sharing access to this account, so updates at the new location are not limited to just one person. This new account on userscripts.org is called "kocscripters", and the new KoC Power Bot page can be found [http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/101052 here].

Automated features for Kingdoms of Camelot on Facebook.

Power BOT is intended to be used with KOC Power TOOLS and is a collaborative effort between George Jetson begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting and Don Davici.

Bug reports should be made on our development site at googlecode, where issues can be tracked. We will not respond to bug reports here at userscripts!
If you are new to using Grease Monkey scripts, please see the 'How do I use this?' link below the Green install button at the top.

Search tab: Does a live search for wildernesses or barbarian camps, and allows you to export the results of a barbarian search to KOCattack!

Build tab: Queue up buildings to build automatically!

Tower tab: Play sound alert when an attack is incoming. Quickly change defend mode of all cities.

Gifts tab: Easily accept facebook KofC gifts.

More information is available at our WIKI
Version history
  • Added tower function (like in Toolkit) - maybe some bugs included
  • Added trader tab - none working tab
  • Please note: this is just to provide my latest codebase because i quite developing.
  • Have fun people - I hope there will be someone that will go on with this work !!! :-)

    March 27, 2011 (20110303a):
  • Added smaller version (GIF) of chat background image
  • Embedded castle button and chat background images
  • Changed URL of SWF player
  • Fix widescreen for facebook changes on 3/24/2011
  • Fix rare lockup in city search when userinfo not available
  • fixed issue #291 (attack posted to chat even if option turned off)
  • fixed issue #309 (Chat Not FOrmatting correctly to right of game)
  • fixed issue #317 (no wide-screen)
  • SWF player for sound

    March 13, 2011 (20110303a):
  • Add try/catch on anticd init, may help find 'bot not loading' problems.
  • Removed margin above 6waves ads at top of screen if widescreen mode is enabled.(Thanks to bruno.pe...@gmail.com, issue #275)
  • Added trim function for FF 3 browser (Thanks to mcd...@gmail report #276) - May fix Gift accept problems
  • fixed #234 removed autoupdate feature
  • fixed #254 Building ID does not match!!!!
  • fixed #215 Seed.buildings["city" + currentcityid]["pos" + citpos]
  • Tower tab refactored. Added options for playing sound files upon attack.

    March 03, 2011 (20110303a):
    • Tower tab refactored. Added options for playing sound files upon attack.
    • Fixed issue #239 (lots of incoming attacks crashes/holds up internet connection).
    • Fixed showing defend mode if user changes it from KofC's interface.
    • Fixed window width overflow in search tab
    • City search re-written (fixed issues #219, #261 and unreported issues)
    Feb 16, 2011 (20110216a):
    • NEW: modded SearchTab by masterjdu (deathbynumbers) e.g. citysearch implemented
    • fixed issue #187 (Seed.buildings["city" + currentcityid]["pos" + citpos])
    • fixed issue #185 (Queue item requeued)
    • fixed issue #183 (Export to KOC Attack: Incorrect troops if KOCA already had stored troops for location 0,0)
    Feb 8, 2011 (20110208a):
    • NEW: Remember last tab used on refresh
    • NEW: Option to hide main window when user clicks on map coordinates. (issue #167)
    • fixed issue #52 (Widemap: Vertical line)
    • fixed issue #174 (Widemap: right side chopped off when zooming in and scrolling)
    • fixed issue #74 (Bot button disappears in FF 4)
    • fixed issue #124 and #169 (AutoBuild: using DI to build level 10+)
    • fixed issue #14 (AutoBuild: Ask for help shows Level 0 castle)
    • fixed issue #130 (AutoBuild: not building in select cities when resources low in other city )
    • fixed issue #137 (AutoBuild: Destruct not queueing)
    • fixed issue #172 (Gifts: Parse error in some non-English languages)
    • fixed number of embassy slots available in alert-post-to-chat message
    Feb 4, 2011 (20110204a):
    • NEW: Anti-cheat detection added
    • NEW: Auto-update check added
    • fixed issue #85 (Loss of optimization queue after refresh)
    • fixed issue #4 (Queue window not updated when building done)
    • fixed issue #118 (Page refresh problems)
    • fixed issue #123 (Parse error when accepting gifts) Thanks to DeathByNumbers
    • fixed issue #64 (Build max not adding all levels to queue)
    • fixed issue #63 (6th city partially visible on tower tab)
    • Make Map search export work with Nitkahs's latest update to KOC Attack

    Jan 31, 2011 (20110131a):
    • Fix for facebook layout change which caused errors on refreshing.
    • Fix for facebook layout change which caused wide-screen option to fail.
    • Fix for DIs being used on level 10 buildings

    Jan 28, 2011 (20110128a): Initial official release

    Previous versions are here