Reddit Username and ID Extractor

By ictinus Last update Jan 22, 2011 — Installed 508 times.

Script Summary: Gathers Reddit user names and IDs for the purpose of creating custom Reddit CSS.

Version: 1.02

Gathers user names and reddit ids and tags them with the reddit they were associated with. This allows the moderator to filter users by reddit when looking for reddit ids to place in custom CSS.

A common way to provide name 'tags' in reddits is to create custom stylesheets that contain the following:
.author[href$="/ictinus"]:after{content:"something funny"}
A shorter possibly faster way is to use the reddit id.
.id-t2_3t6c2:after{content:"something funny"}

As there is a limit to the length of custom stylesheets on Reddit, the shorter content allows more users to be included in the custom stylesheet.

I hope to make this script even more useful by allowing the user/moderator to export selected data for inclusion in CSS.