Reddit Moderator Admin

By ictinus Last update Feb 8, 2012 — Installed 2,543 times.

Script Summary: Provides Reddit header tab 'admin box' with an interface to all your moderator links.

Version: 1.13

Updated: v1.13 08 February 2012, changed font-family for the spam/reports/modqueue links so that Windows browsers display properly.
Updated: v1.12 05 February 2012, fixed menu positioning of scrolled reddits (thanks Raerth). Added subscription counts/sorting and moderation log link as requested by Raerth.
Updated: v1.11 02 February 2012, re-wrote action links to be normal links so firefox can open to new tab with middle mouse click.
Updated: v1.10 01 February 2012, fixed 'refresh' bug to correctly fetch all moderated reddits from scratch, thanks to kylde.
Updated: v1.09 01 February 2012, fixed subreddit menu layout. Added some debug output functionality to chase a bug raised by kylde.
Update: v1.08 06 October 2011, Changed script site security to allow https and remove scary 'allow access to all domains' message.

By request of Raerth.
This script will read your moderated reddits and allow you to access the various admin links for all of them from one header tab 'admin box'.


  • Clicking on a reddit will both open and close the list of admin links.
  • Clicking on the 'admin box' tab will both open and close the interface.
  • Middle mouse clicks will open to new window/tab.
  • The 'refresh' link (lower right) will re-scan you moderated reddits and update the subscription count.
  • Clicking on the 'Reddit' column title will toggle between name and subscription count sorting.