OkCupid Enhanced Match Results

By inkyboy Last update Jan 7, 2011 — Installed 2,520 times.

Script Summary: Load profile thumbnails into match search results and filter results by the users' reply rate

Version: 0.3.1

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v0.3.1: fixed bug where profile didn't load when clicking the text link

This script enhances OkCupid's match search results page in two ways.


When you click on a user's thumbnail image, instead of leaving the match search results page and going to the user's profile page, you will now stay on the match search results page, and the 3 larger thumbnails images from the profile page (or as many as are available) will be displayed inline. This is much faster than loading the profile page itself.

Note that when you want to load the user's profile page, you must now click the user name link. Also note that loading these images registers as a visit to that profile just as if you actually visited the profile page. In other words, the user will see that you viewed their profile (if your OkCupid preferences allow this).


You will now see four colored checkboxes above the search settings (e.g. age, location) on the match search results page. These checkboxes allow you to filter the results according to users' reply rate. For example, if you uncheck the red box, then all users who reply "very selectively" will be hidden. Your preference is stored in your OkCupid cookie and will be remembered as you page through the results and for the next time you visit.