KOC Power Tools - Master Hunter

By Area52 Last update Nov 11, 2011 — Installed 131,044 times.

Script Summary: Kingdoms of Camelot game assistance script. Classic Overview based on the original George Jetson version with added features.

Kingdoms of Camelot game assistance script. Based on the original George Jetson KOC Power Tools. (The Unofficial Version)

Works with KOC Power Bot.

Most credit goes to the original script author(s). Primarily
George Jetson (Original Tool) who originated
the KOC Power Tools script. And also, DeathByNumbers for orignating the
city search feature (KOC Hunter Tools).

Uninstall, or disable previous versions of Power Tools before installing.

Update: Nov 10, 2011
1. Merged in Reports Tab from the "official version", which made the Hud Tab obsolete.

Update: Nov 6, 2011
1. Added ability to deleted training as in the (official version).
2. Changed gold to stone in training tab.

Update: Nov 1, 2011
1. Modified numeric display format on Overview Tab. (B,M,K)
2. Added Dark Forest to search in Recon tab.

Update: Oct 15, 2011
1. Changed to work with browser updates.

Update: Sept 19, 2011
1. A bug fix for the Hud tab.

Update: June 26, 2011
1. Another fix for the fix late marches. It should now be more helpful in reducing the number of page reloads.
2. Added scouting report search to HUD. Also added the ability to fetch and display a summary of the reports.
3. Bug fixes and improvements to the display of marches.
4. Now displays troop amounts in training tab.

Update: May 31, 2011
1. Attempt to fix an issue with the fix for late marches. The fix will only try to fix attacks, transport, and scouting marches. I know you will let me know if there is any more trouble.

Update: May 29, 2011
1. Added fix for late marches. There is also a status check for knights.
2. Fix for incoming attacks display. Should actually work when attacked now.
3. Removed some debug logging.

Update: May 27, 2011
1. a. Added feature to update the marches in real time. (default optioned off)
(Note: All the feature does is let you see how much loot you collected.)
b. Changed code to display scouting marches separately. Displays last log in time, and etc.
c. You can monitor marches for selected cities.
2. Added the message separator fix. (Not mine).
3. Added city buttons to overview tab. Allows city change without leaving tool.
4. Added buttons to toggle defensive stance in overview.
5. Added incoming attack counts to overview. (Very much like KOC Power Bots Tower.)
6. Added march counts to overview.
7. Now displays the incoming attacks in the Marches tab. (Preliminary version)
8. Added a link for page number in HUD. Links back to alliance reports page.
9. Added popups for displaying troops and resources(loot) in marches sub-tab.

Update: April 29, 2011
1. Added a HUD tab. Assists in searching alliance reports for incoming attacks against your alliance.

Update: April 18, 2011
1. Removed GMT clock from game window and is now display in the tab bar of the tool.
Version moved to options tab.
2. Improved leader board display of players found by search. Looks like the display of alliance members.
3. Added colors for late marches. This will show marches over 1 minute late in red.

Update: April 6, 2011
Merged Master Hunter code changes with the latest George Jetson version.
Features added to Jetson version:
1. Recon(was Search) tab with the Master Hunter search.
2. Players tab rename Find and added the alliance list, with ETA estimation added to members list.
3. Added code to display the marches. (Note: Does not always display up to date info.)
4. Info tab: Added ETA estimation to the distance calculator.

Additionally, the auto page reload was not merged in. The members list was modified to display in Firefox 4.0. The domain map was fixed in the George Jetson version. The message counts and appearance of the GMT clock were clobbered by Kabam's latest interface (improvement).

Update: Mar 11, 2011
Merged in some code from the latest Jetson version. Power button now appears on same bar as Power Bot. Small tweak to selections in search tab. Added the GMT time display that is in the main version of the tool.
Update: Feb 28, 2011
Fixed side effect bug from color problem. City Search show selection now working properly. Changed reload code to try to overcome resend dialog on magicks page.

Update: Feb 18, 2011
Corrects color problem when using Power Bot.

Update: Feb 17, 2011
Added recover from page load errors such as "strange magicks". Will auto reload in 45 seconds.

Update: Feb 15, 2011
Extended search range to 375. Added province search, and quadrant search. Improved search options display. Now displays search option before search. You can search a quadrant, but it takes a LONG time(about 1/2 hr). Turn off any page reload scripts when doing quadrant search and do not select All Cities, or all wilds options. The length of time to do these searches prevents extensive testing. Too bad there is no in game search feature and browsing with the game map is nearly useless. Happy hunting.

Update: Jan 22, 2011
Added color coded alliance list to Players tab. Links alliance to members list. Reduces the amount of annoying copying and pasting of alliance names. Navigation at bottom of list, or go to any page. Quickly list your alliance members for reinforcement, or transporting resources.

Colors defined as:

1) My alliance - blue
2) Friendly alliance - light blue
3) Hostile alliance - red
4) Neutral Alliance - green

Update: Jan 22, 2011
Update to framework.

Update: Jan 20, 2011
Added fix to view alliance reports which was needed after the last KOC Patch.

Update: Jan 06, 2011
Improved and expanded city search results filtering.

Bug fixes:
Corrected a problem with misted city scout button.
Fixed a hang that occurred during city search.


Colors for search results.
1) Hostile - red
2) Ally - blue
3) Friendly - light blue
4) Neutral - light green
5) Unaligned - gold
6) In mist - white

Displays only cities above 50k might. Option TBD.

Added filter for unaligned cities.