Gmail Full Width

By Raffles Last update Mar 2, 2008 — Installed 18,305 times.

Script Summary: Makes conversations occupy full width by removing advertisement block on the right. The links above the ads are kept and placed conveniently next to the conversation title. The "map this" and "add to calendar" things are also kept.

There is a new version of this script that is for the new version of Gmail.

This script is for the old version of Gmail. It won't work with the new version.

The end result should be like this:

At the top of the script, truncate specifies whether you want to truncate the message title if it's longer than the available horizontal width, like this:

When you hover over the title, the whole thing will be shown.

Set truncate to false if you don't want to truncate it. Then if it's too long, it'll just continue on the next line:

Please leave a message if you find any bugs.