Remove Facebook Like buttons (mod1)

By Smiths Last update Oct 25, 2012 — Installed 25,612 times.

Script Summary: Remove Facebook "like" buttons/iframes/widgets/shareboxes from other websites, along with google plus, linkedin, twitter, sharethis, etc. Supports dynamic sites (AJAX, etc.) as well. Works in Chrome, too! (inspired by rnaud's script #76037)

Version: 2.0.3

  • Was wondering when something new would come along I'd have to remove. Adios, Pinterest!

[d:02.23.12][u:Google Plus has their own ML for their tags. I love API pages, they tell you exactly what to block.]

[d:02.22.12][u:Been a while since an update, but now there's jQuery/HTML5 "Data Action" methods for these stupid buttons. Now those are also gone.]

[d:12.01.11][u:Minor update, small optimizing. Fix for Google Plus URL change in iframe. That initial timeout needs to exist because some pages do jQuery stuff to delay THEIR buttons being displayed. Cheeky gits.]

[d:11.23.11][u:Minor update, but noticed the setTimeout for the initial removal was causing my browser to freeze on large pages. I guess it was executing the removal while also starting up the other scripts I have installed.]

[d:8.26.11][u:Update checking will only happen in Firefox, Chrome is weird and TamperMonkey is weirder.

Reddit and ShareThis got themselves an iFrame.

ShareThis/AddThis annoying hover popups: new targets of rage and removal.]

[d:8.23.11][u:The Google +1 Hunting Continues.
Now can also hunt for "onclick" triggers in links, since a lot are links to nowhere but trigger JS (see: NPR)]

[d:8.17.11][u:Gigya is this share toolbar that many sites integrate apparently. Bye Bye gigya.

LinkedIn requires its own DOMInserted routine, since they use a javascript to delay the insertion of a blank link. LinkedOut.]

[d:8.15.11][u:MSBNC and Yahoo News had some alternate URLs/classes being used. Cheeky.

Began removing the LinkedIn box... that's another annoying one.]

[d:8.11.11][u:F Flattr.

Timeout tweaks.

Realized I was having a DOMNodeInserted action be inserted into the document after a timeout. Defeats the point.]

[d:8.09.11][u:Google's +1 Stuff finally started annoying me. It's just being thrown onto sites that don't have the room for it (since they already had their web folks design pages for twitter/facebook). So it's an awkward button on most sites and now it's gone.]

[d:7.24.11][u:Fixed up the href checking, streamlining that with a more targeted approach. And even more iframe ]


  • Added excludes for (people use that site?).
  • found a new facebook widget. It's gone.

[d:7.21.11][u:Trying new method for iFrames using the queryselector and DomNodeInserted, since those are the most dynamic. Shouldn't be too much a hit in performance (if anything it probably should be an improvement).

Update 2:Letting this work on Chrome too, which just means another thing I need to modify when I update it (the version # in two places). Auto-update won't work in Chrome (yet?)]

[d:7.15.11][u:Small update in streamlining the methods, seems to only require 1 pass now on troublesome sites like HuffPost.]

[d:5.02.11][u:Streamlined the class-based method of removal. No longer seems to lockup on giant pages, which is a great thing! Targeted Attack!]

As if there wasn't enough of a reason to install this thing: Big change for Facebook Share button.
That button is a cancer.

[d:3.30.11][u:I am sick of CNN trying to horse my browser around. Another one of their methods is gone.]

[d:3.17.11][u:Happy St. Patty's Day! Yahoo News has its own iframes for their widgets. Bye Bye Yahoo's Frames.]

[d:3.16.11][u:Some more sharing toolbars are gone.]

[d:3.11.11][u:Nuked addThis.]

[d:3.02.11][u:Another site to block. Switch from "All Elem -> 3" broke it on some sites (huffington), so it does 1 of 3 at a time.]

[d:3.01.11][u:No longer executes on iframes, could speed it up a little. large pages will lock up on the class-based removal a bit. reduced passes, increased initial delay. Found another site to block.]

Further tweaks to the meta.js, should be done in a way that doesn't interfere with sites' layouts.

Should be using meta.js routines for updating now, this should be the last version that loads this page to check for new versions. I think so at least...

Added fb:fan from user suggestion, and updated the updater window's classes to hopefully avoid interfering with existing pages' content. Credit to AmpliDude for the feedback! Updated again when I found that fan garbage was also an iframe widget

Found another widgetbox app for constantly scrolling tweet. I don`t need those things constantly updating because someone made an app that googles your company`s name and posts anything it finds. Thanks for nothing,

Someone seems to take issue with the fact I was inspired by rnaud`s script for the basis of this script. For you, there`s been some rewording: I wanted to remove like buttons, found someone had written something for doing it, but it didn't work with all the latest methods the web was using for them. So I wrote my own script, giving credit for the original publishing of a similar script to rnaud. But I started from scratch when I was time for my own version. I guess multiple people using a getElementsByTagName for iframes = DMCA violation. Whatever. I love this script.

ShareThis. I don`t mind them, but their hoverbox popping up as I`m scrolling a story got annoying. Bye bye hoverbox.

Digg and Buzz. Gone. Streamlined update routine for cross-script compatibility. Tweaks. Should be last for the day.

Online version checking implemented. Will automatically check for latest version. You can choose "Remind Me Later" to suppress the prompts for a little while. Clicking the shadowed area will suppress the prompts as well, but for a shorter duration than the button.

Ripped all the fb:xml from Facebook's listing @ this Facebook page. That should help.
Found out about some other sites used simply for indexing "social media", are you kidding me?
Thanks to all who are downloading this. I enjoy working on it as I browse websites throughout the day.

I quite enjoy finding new things each day. WSJ was pretty crappy.

1.11.11 - 32bit day
It's getting real: doing a class-based search of all page elements. Will this murder too much of a page? Who knows. Found some other widget boxes too. Are we really that overly social we have to share everything with everyone. I had a great lunch today.

1.10.11 - A Binary Day
tweetmeme? screwyouyou.

1.06.11 - Happy New Year!
platform0 on twitter can go to hell

Not hoping to keep doing daily updates; just trying to weed 'em out. Found those stupid "Share boxes" as well... those piss me off. I'm "Liking" this like-free web. Edit: Last update of 2010, I swear! I broke the "multi-pass" method with my stupid calculations. And did a little better in the iframe hunting

Another day, another set of findings. Man I hate that damn button. Going to have to add multiple timers for running the removal process since sites get wise to post-processing.

Added more methods for hunting down, including CNN's annoying way of hiding the iframe in a div that adds the element after page load. FBXML method hopefully stopped, and I threw in the twitter iframe as well because that one annoyed me too.

Please post comments as you find sites that this misses; I really detest the "Like" button.

rnaud's script @ covered 90% of the usage of these annoying "like" buttons on web pages. Web designers are getting a little trickier with these iframes (dynamically creating them at pageload, etc.), so this script had to evolve a little bit. Full credit to rnaud for the original idea! All code in this is written from scratch, though.


(the above is kept for legacy versions, versions 1.6r6+ use meta checking)