Rapidshare AutoLoader

By Snehonja Last update Jul 21, 2011 — Installed 18,964 times.

Script Summary: Very lightweight script that automates downloading on If you klick any rapidshare download link, this script will select "free download", wait until the counter is finished and start the download - without any clicking required.

Note: As there is no waiting time when downlaoding most files, I see no need in updating this script. I have been told, that waiting time depends on filesize, but could not test it yet as I do not know any big files on rapdishare. If you find any file which still requires waiting, send me the link of the file and I'll see what I can do.

As you have already noticed, there are plenty of scripts out there which promise to do the same thing this Skript does: automating downloads at

Well, there is one big problem with almost all of them: they worked in the past, but missed the last (or a few more) updates of rapidshare - and stopped working.

So here is one (very lightweight) script, that currently works - and which has a developer who is willing to update the script whenever feels the need to skrew up people by changing there whole API/site layout.

This script is based on javascript functions rapidshare already provides and actually replaces only one of them.

    This makes the script relatively reliable:
    • if rapidshare updates its API (but leaves clientside javascript as-is - see below) this script still works
    • it can handle every error out there that rapidshare comes up with - at least if rapidshare itself can handle it.
    But there are several (minor) disadvantages, too:
    • changes nothing on layout, so rapidshare looks the same ugly way it always does. Advantage of that: does not interfere with any stylesheets or style changing userscripts.
    • absolutely relies on current javascript of rapidshare. Depending on what they change, this script may become completely useless at the next UI change.

    Should work in current versions of Firefox, Chrome and Opera (and maybe other browsers that can deal with userscirpts, but untested).

    Please note, that there currently is NO way to skip waiting time (at least none I know about). So do not ask if I could add this feature as this is not possible (unless you know some way... that, of course, is something different!).


    Even more lightweight. Now only adds one additional line to a already defined function. Issues with different localisations, different UI layout or different element IDs should be completely gone by now.
    Added some @tags, especially for Scriptish-addon for FireFox.
    Now works with Greasemonkey, too. Thanks to kuzu!
    Changed @include-rules to match any rapidshare site, not just the download sites. This (according to v-love) makes this script work in Opera 11, too, and I did not experience any problems from this change in firefox either.