Better Grooveshark

By mallo Last update Sep 23, 2012 — Installed 130,058 times.

Script Summary: Lyrics, Hidden Ads and current song as tab title.

Version: 1.481

Important: Currently this version does not work with Groovesharks new redesign. If I have some spare time I will see if I update the code or perhaps start a complete rewrite of Better Grooveshark.

Because Grooveshark nearly got rid of its Flash-based API, it is now possible to do a lot of nice stuff with its platform. The main goal of course should be improving user experience - that's what I aim to achieve with such a user script like "Better Grooveshark".

If you however just want a lyrics plugin, have look at Better Lyrics, which also supports YouTube and Last.FM.

Current features:

NEW (experimental!):
Aggregated lyrics

Better Grooveshark now offers a lyrics module. Just hit "Search" and choose your favorite lyrics site from the dropdown. Possible results are aggregated for you in another dropdown.
Please report any bug/bug-a-like you may encounter in the forum.

Hidden advertisments
The advertisments are hidden and you shouldn't be bothered by them.

Song info in title bar
The songs name and the artist are shown in the title.

Since version 1.45 every feature may be optionally set in the "BetterGS" menu (button is located in the upper right)

Upcoming features:

I already have some ideas, but it will take some time to implement those.
If you have a feature request, do not hesitate to contact me.


  • @v1.481
    • Bugfix for options panel
    • Remove more advertisements
  • @v1.48
    • Fixed display of options panel
    • Added many more lyrics engines
    • Added "out of focus" feature
  • @v1.46
    • Fixes according due to Groovesharks HTML modifications
    • Options menu now automatically pops up at the very first start
  • @v1.45
    • Bug with current song fixed.
    • Options menu added
  • @v1.4
    • Premium mode was removed
    • Advertisements are hidden
  • @v1.32
    • The original service which collects the lyrics is reachable again. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  • @v1.31
    • The original service which collects the lyrics is temporarily not reachable and is replaced by some other service for the meantime.
  • @v1.3
    • Bugfix only (Tab title etc)
  • @v1.2
    • Lyrics support added