YouTube XBMC

By deepseth Last update Dec 17, 2010 — Installed 2,538 times.

Script Summary: Make YouTube videos play in XBMC from your computer.

This script will make XBMC play your videos directly from YouTube. This way you can just use your normal computer to find YouTube videos and let XBMC play them on your media computer.

XBMC v10 (Dharma)

1. Enable the webserver in XBMC (settings -> network -> servers)
2. Configure a username/password to use in xbmc
3. Configure the port that XBMC will use
4. Go to some YouTube video
5. Configure the host and port in this script (right mouse button on the greasemonkey icon and set the host and port)
6. Press the "Play in XBMC" link, next to the video title

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