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By arekolek Last update Feb 13, 2011 — Installed 1,717 times.

Script Summary: Lists your friends that listen to particular artist, album or track along with playcount and loved indicator.

Version: 1.3.2


Wondering if you're the only one, or the first to listen to a song or an artist? Now you can find out with a little help of and this userscript. Finding friends that listen to music you're interested in at the moment is now made easy!

This script adds a section below "Listeners" header on the right side of all artist, album and track pages on It's surprising it's not there, out of the box.

This script makes use of API to query for friends of currently logged in user, and then queries for playcount for each of them.

Google Chrome

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Why an extension and not just a userscript? API calls are different-domain while Chrome userscripts must follow same-origin policy. Fortunately extensions don't have this limitation, because of the assumption they are trusted, so it's possible to use it with Chrome.

Recent changes

Feb 13 2011
Ver. 1.3.2
Default avatar for users without one.

Feb 7 2011
Ver. 1.3.1
Changed "0 play" to "0 plays".

Jan 22 2011
Ver. 1.3
Progress update while loading friends.
Icon and version number for greasemonkey.

Dec 21 2010
Ver. 1.2
Fix for special characters in artist, album or track names.

Dec 19 2010
Ver. 1.1
A nicer throbber (spinning wheel).
Updated to make it work with the current layout of track pages.