TW Pro+ (for v1.33) [SOM]

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Script Summary: TW Pro+ for The West v1.33 [SOM release] [Multilingual].


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Important: this script is for The-West v1.33.

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// @history|19/12/2011 Announcement:
This is probably one of the last updates I do for TW Pro.
The future version of The West (v1.34) will represent too much work to upgrade the script and unfortunately I do not have enough free time from now to get into that work.
However, the good news is that the TW-DB team is currently working on a new equipment calculator.
A working beta version is already available here and is very promising.
Good job guys, keep it up!
For my part, it was a pleasure to improve TW Pro during 1 year and I hope you enjoyed my work.
I would like to especially thank all the beta testers from the SOM team: Gzahab, Dun, Y., Tanes, TontonJohn, Milly, Roland Gamelle, Ren33, Mariache320, Danosaure, Blacklimber, Tungunska ... and also Bluep (.de) for his regular feedbacks and ideas.
Thanks also to Nexton (.de), the original script author of TW Pro, and to Lekensteyn (.nl) for his awesome work in 2010.
And finally thank you to everyone who encouraged me and thanked me during this year!
Best wishes for 2012 and see you soon,
PS for InnoGames:
Feel free to thank me at the last minute in any way you want. Even a simple word would have made me happy during this year... but maybe you just don't like scripts :p
// @history|19/12/2011 Profile stats fixed (thx to Narulez for the fix).
// @history|19/12/2011 Greenhorn Set bonuses updated (reported 2 month ago by AnaDoro, sorry for the late ;))
// @history|19/12/2011 Workaround to avoid errors on Beta server version 1.34 (you will keep some TW Pro features on Beta but the main part of the script will be disabled).
// @history|23/10/2011 Workaround regarding script loading too fast (Beta world issue).
// @history|22/10/2011 Collector Set fix (Bluep again).
// @history|20/10/2011 Quick fix for TW v1.33.1 (thx to Bluep again ;)).
// @history|11/10/2011 Quick fix on clickable reports in chat for TW v1.33.
// @history|10/10/2011 Forum smiley links improved.
// @history|08/10/2011 Collector Set hot fix (thx to Bluep for the code!).
// @history|25/09/2011 Forum smiley fix.
// @history|23/08/2011 Probably the final step regarding calculation process improvements. From now, updating the cache or changing settings (in Live mode & Cache mode) will only request to compute the affected activities. Note: Please regenerate your cache once after upgrading to this version.
// @history|23/08/2011 Improved error handling when a new job is added in the game (new jobs will be added in the red cache button).
// @history|23/08/2011 Health points for each job are now displayed in red when they are lower than your current HP (thx to Bluep for the idea).
// @history|23/08/2011 Bug fix regarding the cache button that was disappearing in special cases (Thx to Mariache320, Ren33 & Bluep for the numerous tests that helped me find this repeated bug).
// @history|23/08/2011 Bug fix when overwriting or updating IndexedDB cache in Chrome (was a Chrome bug actually).
// @history|23/08/2011 Storage space required when caching Fortbattle combinations has been reduced.
// @history|23/08/2011 Other various bug fixes & code improvements.
// @history|23/08/2011 Note for translators : language file updated. See the changes here
// @history|04/08/2011 Bug fix when the market is empty.
// @history|03/08/2011 Dancer's Set updated.
// @history|28/07/2011 Dancer & Indian's Sets updated for Beta worlds.
// @history|28/07/2011 Dancer's Set unlocked in the Itemsets manager since male characters can wear 2 items from this Set (don't forget to disable/enable this Set manually from now!)
// @history|20/07/2011 Improved error handling when a new job is added in the game.
// @history|19/07/2011 Added new job "Palisade bauen" for Amchitka server (beta2) (thx to Bluep & Darius II for the data).
// @history|19/07/2011 Handling error when a new job is added in the game.
// @history|19/07/2011 Cookies storage improved for users with a large number of accounts on the same server.
// @history|19/07/2011 Note for translators : language file updated. See the changes here
// @history|17/07/2011 Safe mode improved. Process will still run even if another browser tab is focused (with FF, it should even run faster in this case).
// @history|17/07/2011 Browser tab will now blink when Safe mode process is completed.
// @history|17/07/2011 Advanced item popup and item highlighting are working now in reports too.
// @history|17/07/2011 Activities which are not unlocked by the item are now shown in red in the merchant popups.
// @history|17/07/2011 Bug fix on Recipe highlighting in Collector mode.
// @history|17/07/2011 Live mode in/out inventory analysis improved (By "Live mode", I mean cache disabled).
// @history|17/07/2011 Minor fix on Fortbattle combinations (tags were not displayed correctly in the inventory popups on job selection).
// @history|17/07/2011 Some fixes for Firefox 3.6 users (Cache & Chat links). However, I really recommend to upgrade to FF5, because 3.6 is really really slow. Moreover, TW Pro Cache & Safe mode won't run as smoothly as it should. To get a good experience on these new features, I really encourage you to use a recent browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or even Safari).
// @history|17/07/2011 Note for translators : language file updated. See the changes here
// @history|09/07/2011 New "Safe mode" feature. Slower calculation process, but hang, freeze and crash proof for your browser!
// @history|09/07/2011 Added calculation stats in the inventory window.
// @history|09/07/2011 Added "Attributes" in custom job settings.
// @history|09/07/2011 New Set Items added for Beta worlds (thx to Bluep for the data).
// @history|09/07/2011 Chat colors and whisper compatibility improved (thanks to Danosaure for his work on the code).
// @history|09/07/2011 Cache status button improved (Inventory items you can wear after a level up will be now considered as new items. Therefore, these items will also switch the cache button to red).
// @history|09/07/2011 Added option to discard changes & force cache status to OK (green button).
// @history|09/07/2011 Pilgrims Sets unlocked in the Itemsets manager since we can wear 3 items from the Set of the opposite sex (don't forget to disable/enable these Sets manually from now!)
// @history|09/07/2011 Improved tags for the Fortbattle combinations.
// @history|09/07/2011 Some fixes on item highlighting at merchants.
// @history|09/07/2011 Bug fix on item popups at merchants when using cache (attributes on items were ignored in the bonus calculation).
// @history|09/07/2011 Job values updated on inventory window refresh when skills changes are detected by the cache.
// @history|09/07/2011 Fix on speed value accuracy for the Dueller class.
// @history|09/07/2011 Other various bug fixes & code improvements.
// @history|09/07/2011 NOTE: If you encounter problems with your TW Pro cache after upgrading to this version, try: - to disable/enable the cache - to empty the cache.
// @history|09/07/2011 Note for translators : language file updated. See the changes here
// @history|26/06/2011 TW Pro+ version 3.0 introducing a new caching system. Do not fear anymore to refresh your page, now you can! ;)
// @history|26/06/2011 But also:
// @history|26/06/2011 New "split fortbattle combinations" feature.
// @history|26/06/2011 Added "Collector mode".
// @history|26/06/2011 Added "Show all jobs on map" feature.
// @history|26/06/2011 Added cell coordinates in the minimap.
// @history|26/06/2011 Added health points information for every activities in the dropdown menu.
// @history|26/06/2011 Added highlighting and popup info in the activities management menus.When calculations are done, the "Enabled" list is now sorted as your dropdown menu.
// @history|26/06/2011 Updated layout for the TW Pro settings windows.
// @history|26/06/2011 Items in the inventory are not higlighted anymore if you already wear them
// @history|26/06/2011 Fixed Sets filters for Opera
// @history|26/06/2011 Fix on fortbattle settings with zero-priority on health
// @history|26/06/2011 Tequila boom boom fix on regen HP ;)
// @history|26/06/2011 Second issue fixed when opening crafting page, using equipment manager & eating usable items.
// @history|26/06/2011 Bug fix on bag statistics popup
// @history|26/06/2011 Updater improved when is down.
// @history|26/06/2011 Note for translators : language file updated. See the changes here
// @history Updater updated for the next update :D
// @history TW Pro+ 3.0 is coming soon (probably this weekend), so stay tuned...
// @history Clickable reports conversion in the Chat
// @history Forum BBCode bar updated + added smileys :)
// @history PM BBCode bar removed (enabled natively in TW1.31)
// @history Bug fix when opening crafting page, using equipment manager & eating usable items.
// @history Quick fix for beta & german worlds (not really well tested, but I hope it works ^^).
// @history Language pack fix for Firefox 4.
// @history "Recept" items are now filtered (beta worlds only).
// @history Added TW Times itemset.
// @history New set items added. Sorry again for the late, I have some personal worries at the moment but it will get better soon. Many thanks to Bluep who provides me the new items code for an easy & quick copy/paste. I'm really not aware of the game's novelties for the moment, so it helps a lot ! ;)
// @history Temporary fix for TW v1.31. It seems there is a new job available called "Pick Indigo", but not yet fully implemented in game. (Btw, sorry for the late, I was not available last week and I will be not available this week neither. I hope everything will still work fine so far ;))
// @history Multisales feature is now available through the Trader too
// @history Added "Total sales value" when using multisales
// @history Support of Gender & Level requirements in merchants highlighting + new highlighting colors
// @history Bug fix when using fortbattle settings
// @history Highlighting with popup details is now possible with the new box (see the TW Pro settings)
// @history Note for translators : language file updated. See the changes here
// @history New feature: highlighting of useful items for every activities
// @history Bugfix on merchants highlighting when 2 items have the same name in their inventories (However, be aware that a wrong item may be highlighted in the market instead of his twin, because I can't get around this issue easily at this location. Imo 2 items with the same name should never happen and should be fixed by Inno.)
// @history Note for translators : language file updated. See the changes here
// @history Exclusive Chat features especially made for TW Pro+ by aka Y. [SOM]
// @history Note for translators : language file updated. See the changes here
// @history Scrolling to Player or Town will keep now the mini-map opened if you pin it on.
// @history Market highlighting fix for Chrome (Chrome doesn't like bold style in select menu ^^).
// @history Highlighting of usefull items in the merchants/market (depends on the selected activitiy OR runs on all activities if none is selected).Tip: doublons are not highlighted in the trader/merchants, so the order in which you open the windows is important (I would recommend: Trader - Own Stores - Allied Stores - Foreign Stores).
// @history Automatic refresh of all the opened merchant/market windows when you select another activity in TW Pro.
// @history Bug fix & code optimization when changing weared items (will go faster)
// @history Inventory & Merchants popup improvements (on items affected by a Set in calculations).
// @history Weapons popup improvements (on fort battle & duel activities).
// @history Hotel feature fixed for .ru servers (and maybe others) // Thx to Phago for reporting and town invitation
// @history Note for translators : language file updated. See the changes here
// @history Announcement: This is not an update but just a message to tell you about a new script available: The Wardrobe script revised and coded by Dun [SOM]. Works with Firefox & from now Chrome, specially made to be compatible with TW Pro+ and a really nice "Buffalo Bill" feature (surprise!). (Note: Wardrobe script may be banned on some servers, enquire before using it).
// @history Advanced item popup (with job bonuses) works now in the market too
// @history A nice update ;)
// @history Fortbattle calculations improved // Thx to Y. for the original idea and basic formulas & Tanes and others SOM members for beta tests and adjustments.
// @history New tab with preferences in the TW Pro Settings window
// @history Added HP priority settings in Fortbattle calculations
// @history Added Battle unit type settings in Fortbattle calculations
// @history Default sorting option
// @history Added average damages on weapons
// @history Automatic mini-map job selection improvements: unavailable jobs will be displayed now on both map & mini-map if you select them in TW Pro // Thx to Bluep for the idea & Puli for his nice script "Show All Jobs" ;)
// @history Set filters buttons improved
// @history Bugfix on Duel & Fort weapons suggestions
// @history Corrections on Speed, Regen, Construction & Worker class xp values
// @history Jobranking settings adjustment (gives less importance to LP's affected values, like Wage & Luck)
// @history Some bug fixes & code improvements
// @history New script version number structure (Chrome compatible)
// @history Note for translators : language file updated. See the changes here
// @history 1.004n Compatibility with the new popup comparator system
// @history 1.004n Auto-updater corrections
// @history 1.004m The selected job is now always displayed first in the merchants pop-up list, even if he receives less bonus than other jobs.
// @history 1.004l Added temporary bug fix on telegrams for fr. worlds (until Inno fix this ^^)
// @history 1.004l Added automatic room selection in hotels (checks the best free room or the cheapest one)
// @history 1.004l Improved highliting & compatibility between Set filters, Search box & Jobs list
// @history 1.004l New features & speed improvements, thanks to the Lekensteyn script.
// @history 1.004k Added Set filters
// @history 1.004k Inventory statistics improvements
// @history 1.004k Automatic updater is now Chrome compatible
// @history 1.004j Added Christmas Sled
// @history 1.004i Merry Christmas !
// @history 1.004h Added Italian & Romanian language
// @history 1.004g TW version checker included in the script himself (From now, TW Pro FR 1.29 & Pro+ 1.30 can be both installed at the same time on all servers, so you don't need to tamper with script permissions during transition period)
// @history 1.004f Fixed level check on belts & pants
// @history 1.004f All values are now displayed and sorted in the job list, even if you can't do the job (use "hide jobs" for filtering)
// @history 1.004f Filter "Hide jobs I can't do" runs now instantly (calculation is not rerun anymore)
// @history 1.004f Added danger values and jobrank % in the job list
// @history 1.004f New color coding for the LP box
// @history 1.004e Some code improvements
// @history 1.004e Minor layout changes
// @history 1.004e Forum BBCode bar is back
// @history 1.004e Added Hungarian language
// @history 1.004d Added all job values (xp, wages, luck, danger) // I hope I didn't make any mistake
// @history 1.004d Sets work duration to maximum by default // Lekensteyn code, thx ;)
// @history 1.004c Chrome small fix (LP display box)
// @history 1.004b Greenhorn set added
// @history 1.004b Updated design for TW 1.30
// @history 1.004a Emergency release for TW 1.30 // It looks bad but it works ;)