rot13 -- Text area encryption

By Devadutta Ghat Last update May 14, 2007 — Installed 2,376 times.

Script Summary: Encrypts the contents of a text box using the rot13 cipher at the click of a button. Use it on any site like, and Tested on many sites and found to be working.

Version: 0.0.1

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rot13 Text Area encryption

v0.0.1 What it does: Encrypts the contents of a text box using rot13 cipher when you click on the "e13" button next to the textbox. See the example below.
Click on the e13 button

Why was this created?
Many a times, I have encoded contents of some textbox on sites like just to attain some privacy and some fun. I used to do this using a C program.
So, this Greasemonkey script makes life easier for those who want to use the cipher frequently by allowing easy access within the browser.
Why rot13?
rot 13 is symmetric, which means that encryption and decryption can be done by the same algorithm!
Does it work?
Tested on many sites and works well!
Sean M. Burke, Dive into Greasemonkey and Mozdev
Comes with no warranty.