YMail Calendar Tab

By sy1bzbn Last update Jan 20, 2011 — Installed 850 times.

Script Summary: Makeshift integration of Yahoo! Calendar as application tab in YMail

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This script is one of the YMail scripts series, and may be used in combination with:
- YMail Fixes
- YMail Calendar Panel
- YMail IM Fixes

- updated for compatibility with Firefox 4 beta.
- fixed an old bug regression (calendar tab's state fails to change when search results tab is activated via text search)
2011-01-13 (screenshot)
- updated for compatibility with Neo Version:
- improved performance by rewriting a significant portion of the code
2011-01-09 (screenshot)
- corrected events list layout bug
- eliminated many sizing errors
- removed all graphics from buttons for a more consistent interface
2010-12-12 (screenshot)
- eliminated to-do item overflow with wrapping
- introduced hover bubble's max-width limit
- reduced hover title and details display font-size

Known issues:
- The very first click event on the Inbox tab's label does not propagate by (Yahoo's) design. As a result, if you open the Inbox (for the first time AND clicked on the tab label) IMMEDIATELY AFTER opening the Calendar, the display content will be a mess.
Solution: This is no longer an issue starting with Neo Version: For older versions, click on the Inbox tab again will fix the display problem.
- If the calendar tab is ACTIVE when closing the last opened tab, the full calendar content will remain in view, even though the Inbox tab is activated.
Solution: Click on the Inbox tab and the behavior will correct itself.

A video on how the different parts work together: Makeshift Y-Calendar integration for Y-Mail