YMail Fixes

By sy1bzbn Last update Jan 15, 2011 — Installed 575 times.

Script Summary: Increases vertical space available in YMail Neo & other version/build specific bugs

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This script is one of the YMail scripts series, and may be used in combination with:
- YMail Calendar Panel
- YMail Calendar Tab
- YMail IM Fixes

2011-01-14 (screenshot)
- added CTRL+SHIFT shortcut key combination to the search field to access the "Search Web" button
2011-01-13 (screenshot)
- updated for compatibility with Neo Version:
- updated layout to remain inline with the official version
- further reduced vertical space used by header
- improved tabs container's width allocation
- minor panel height adjustment to match changes in the YMail Calendar Panel
2010-12-12 (screenshot)
- patched message header display width (Neo Version: 1.0.0.(921-922))
- patched premature message header display cutoff (Neo Version: 1.0.0.(921-922))
- improved long message header display with wrapping

A video on how the different parts work together: Makeshift Y-Calendar integration for Y-Mail