Google Calendar TODOlist

By Morten Barklund Last update Jun 6, 2007 — Installed 16,835 times.

Script Summary: Improved TODO list for Google Calendar version 0.4.1

I have taken the initial version of the Google Calendar TODO list by Matias Pelenur and the modified version by Gimite Ichikawa and created a brand new version.

First thing this new version does is, that it uses the eventStatus-field for setting whether the todo has been done or not. And then there is a flush button to flush (remove) todones. And finally the todos and todones are sorted using the status and title. This will be a work in progress and will be developed further upon.

My further todo for the todo (a todo todo?) includes (but not necessarily in this order):

  • Prioritize (and sort by this)
  • Refactor to use mochikit instead of homebrewed stuff
  • Refactor to use category instead of time
  • Dockable sidebar
  • Settings
  • Groupable elements
  • Colored elements
  • Set dates for expiry and show up in calendar too

Please read more at my blog.


Fixed bug due to Google Calendar update - version 0.4.1.