Flickr Photo Magnifier

By Mortimer Last update Jun 26, 2007 — Installed 5,811 times.

Script Summary: Add a magnifier (instant zoom) to see details on flickr photos.

This is an adaptation of the TJPZoom image magnifier by János Pál Tóth to work on flickr images.

Have a look at the notes on the images. Basically, when you toggle the magnifier on, you have a small rectangular magnifier on the medium sized image to look at the details.

Flickr Photo Magnifier by mortimer?

If you click and drag upward, it will zoom in, if you click and drag downward, it will zoom out.

The zoom uses the original or large version of the image, if available (if not, then the magnifier button doesn't show) to build the magnifier.
You can choose which image you want to use by going into the greasemonkey scripts menu. If you choose the lower resolution (large), then the magnifier will load faster but will be a bit pixelized.

This script is localised in English and French