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Script Summary: A dark and simplified redesign of based on an older userstyle.

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This style is lightly inspired by Youtube Graphic Style (Dark) but is largely improved is several ways:

1. No background images are used thereby slimming the page down and shortening load times.
2. Needs less maintenance if YouTube changes it's configuration slightly (hopefully!).
3. It's a compromise between YouTube overall light style and not going blind. The original YouTube Dark used too many dark elements thereby reducing visibility in some circumstances (buttons, menus, etc.).
4. It's completely cross-browser compatible including css border-radius/box-shadow tags for for each browser that supports such tags.

Opera versions here:

Chrome extension here:

================== Updates ===================

Version 1.1
- Fixed sidebar when user presses expand button
- Removed extra borders and margins on the video page

Version 1.2 & 1.21
- Added work-around for chrome "box-shadow: inset" bug
- Fixed browse page filtering styles

Version 1.3
- Converted to Opera extension
- Added styles to miscellaneous pages.

Version 1.32
- New icon

Version 1.33
- Fixed bugs on search, browsing, and music pages

Version 1.34
- Fixed search bar when viewing Youyube in non-English languages.