By moatsad Last update Nov 18, 2010 — Installed 189 times.

Script Summary: add/remove allcomments to story URLS via "ALT-A" keypress , remove via "ALT-Z" keypress

For you Sun comment junkies. Works in Firefox with Greasemonkey addon. Confirmed working in the latest Chrome - requires no addon/extension in Chrome ( .

The script is to easily switch between story and allcomments page via the Alt-A key , Alt-Z to switch back to main story page.Requires greasemonkey addon installed in firefox. Created since the inception of new trusted commenter system.

You must add http://www.lasvegassun/com/news/* to allowed pages in Firefox greasemonkey options . [This tells it what pages to it is allowed to run on].

Uses Alt-A, Alt-Z so doesn't interfere while posting a comment. Note: Works even after the allcomments link has gone away on a story . The code is built specifically to make it easy to edit to change to your own letter preference as well .