Facebook: InviteThemAll

By Aspi Last update Feb 27, 2014 — Installed 445,643 times.

Script Summary: This script adds a button to select multiple, thus all, friends in the "invite friends dialog" at Facebook. It is optimized for speed and performance.

Version: 3.01

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  • Installation guide.
  • This script is only verified for, tested on, and made compatible with Firefox 27.0.* with the Greasemonkey extension. Other browsers, and versions, may work, as some cross-browser compatibility attempts have been made. Still, I strongly encourage you to use whatever browser providing you the best feature set without breaking freedom, ie. Mozilla’s, Midori, xombrero et al.

So, you’re tired of having to click every single friend you want to invite? If you are in need of a prompt, performance optimized, straight to the point (meh, automatic) method of inviting friends, there should be few better places you could have arrived.
Just install, and you’re good to go.

If Facebook should happen to change their code, so that the script is not working, or if you should notice any unnoticed flaws, please speak out by leaving a comment in the bug reporting thread.
Should you have any feature suggestions, you are free to communicate them in the suggestions thread.

Some people have inquired for a donation possibility earlier on, but I have not had the chance to set one up before. I have now, so here you go. I would truly appreciate any support. If you would like to thank a young student, this might very well be the best way :)

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