Large native video player and direct links

By Lazza Last update Mar 14, 2014 — Installed 20,703 times.

Script Summary: Allows you to watch all videos on the Rai TV website with a native player instead of Moonlight/Silverlight. It works with recorded episodes and also Rai Replay.

Version: 8.3

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This script allows you to watch episodes on the website with a native video player (HTML5 <video> or the old <embed> when necessary) instead of Moonlight/Silverlight. It also gives a direct link to the stream at the bottom of the video.

The script has the side effect to skip the video ad before the real video starts.

Please note that this script <b>does not work</b> with live streams (“dirette”) because they work only with Microsoft Silverlight. You can use the Raismth Firefox extension for watching them.

This script is released under the terms of the GNU GPL version 3 or above.

Keywords: tv , rai , televisione , , silverlight , replay

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