DashPlus - Upload Photo button for all posts for Tumblr

By 404 Not Found Last update Jul 30, 2013 — Installed 70,173 times.

Script Summary: Adds the "+ Upload Photo" option to all types of posts except chat.

Version: 3.0.1

Updated for the new Tumblr layout!

The script has now been updated to work on the new Tumblr layout! To access it, just click the insert photo button present on the Tumblr editor.


This simply adds the "Upload Photo" button to posts besides text post, this allows you to add pictures that will be visible on other peoples' dashboards, instead of showing up as the gray picture icon (which is what shows up if you use the picture button in the text editor).

The list of posts this adds the button to is:
Photo, Link, Quote (description only), Audio, Video, and messages, as well as reblogs and edits of all of the previous.

Privacy Note

Due to changes Tumblr has made, I have changed the script to forward the ppload page through my own hosting (tumblrupload.pseudofailure.com). You should not notice any differences when using the script, though, if you are uncomfortable being sent through another website, please seek an alternative method.

I am not including any tracking on the forwarding page, though I may include a server-side hit counter that would record no user information, just so I can keep track of how much it's used.

Change Log

v3.0.1—Tumblr changed the identification of some elements, so I've updated it to reflect those changes.

v3.0.0—Fixed to run on the new Tumblr layout; new branding.

v2.0.3—I can't believe I missed some of these errors.

v2.0.2—Fixed more stupid problems

v2.0.1—Fixed a problem with Link posts that showed up in the last update.

v2.0.0—Cleaned everything up and fixed some bugs.

v1.4.2—Changed forwarding from referer.us to my personal hosting at tumblrupload.pseudofailure.com.

v1.4.1—Removed the inbox and messages from included pages, since Tumblr seems to have added the Upload button by default on those pages. (Code has been preserved, but commented out in case something changes).

v1.4.0—Tumblr seems to have done something that broke this. I've fixed it now. However, please see privacy note.

v1.3.0 — This should fix the long needed compatibility with Chrome.