Zass Vbulletin Super Ignore

By Zass Last update Oct 21, 2010 — Installed 10,789 times.

Script Summary: completely ignore posts by users and threads started by users

most code grabbed from another script but enhanced to be able to ignore topics from certain users.

To modify, go to tools->greasemonkey->manage user scripts, then select "Zass Vbulletin Ignore" and press the "edit" button.

This will allow you to edit the script. Then modify the line that looks like this:

var ignore_threads_from = ["Fourthmeal", "Dave Thomas"];

to ignore threads from whoever you want. So for example, if you want to ignore threads from users named "Bob", "Sandy", and "Frank", you would change to

var ignore_threads_from = ["Bob", "Sandy", "Frank"];