ToodleDo Search Tab Counts

By Piyush Soni Last update Dec 21, 2010 — Installed 486 times.

Script Summary: Add task count in selected 'Search' Tabs on, just like any other page on this website - making some people's task management easier.

Version: 3.7

Nothing much, just adds task counts in the Search Tabs like any other page on ToodleDo. (It's missing by default, because it's expensive doing all searches in sync). The script does that asynchronously, hence not hampering page load performance. To save the bandwidth on ToodleDo servers, you should select only those tabs which you want to automatically show the count of:

It might merge with one of my other ToodleDo scripts in future, so install it but keep seeing for advancements. (The one you install will always work locally for you)