Google Reader - Colorful List View

By kepp Last update Dec 22, 2011 — Installed 112,822 times.

Script Summary: Colors the items in Google Reader list view and expanded view.

Version: 20111209

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The color is derived from the title of the feed.

The preferences for the script are inserted into the Settings page for Google Reader. The same page where you would manage your language preference, subscriptions and tags.
See screenshot above.

New updater code still being worked on.
Had to remove option to color entry frames for the time being. New option being worked on.

* 2011-12-22
* Quick fix to for Google+ share window been hidden. Thanks norti.
* 2011-12-09
* Correct dates in change log.
* Removed jsversion metadata as not useful/inaccurate.
* Limit saturation and lightness ranges to better match previous color scheme.
* Quick fix. Future release will make the colors user adjustable.
* Additional fixes for Google Reader style update.
* Seems additional changes were rolled out after my last update.
* - Removed option to color entry frames. Needs rework with new styling.
* - Use box-shadow to emphasize currently selected entry. Want to change
* background color to do this, but not feasible at this point.
* 2011-11-05
* Remove JSLint config sections and other testing leftovers.
* Remove $id shortcut function. Inline function.
* Remove $x shortcut function. Replace with getElementById/ClassName.
* Remove $xa shortcut function. Replace with getElementsByClassName NodeList.
* Change test for undefined to use "void 0".
* Change base css from global variable to theme controller object property.
* Reorgaize storage code and change tests for GM and DOM Stroage.
* Update string property names to be more consistent, maybe.
* Use strict equality operators for everything.
* Use stricter version parsing regular expression in updater.
* Don't run in sharing bookmarklet popup iframe.
* Simplify hue calculation process.
* Clean up rgb color parsing.
* Simplify hsl color calculation.
* Move script info from global variable to property of updater.
* Use decode/encodeURIComponent instead of un/escape for cookies.
* Declare variables at top of scope and use single var statement.
* Better date formatting in change log.
* Disabled updater code until better solution is found.
* Remove Comment View/Google Buzz support.
* Fix for Google Reader style update.
* - New id for element we're sampling to try and match page theme.
* - Adjusted script for greater entry heights.
* - Removed image replacement for link to external article.
* - Added semi-transparent card actions background.
* - Removed unused CSS.