BBC news fix to awful new website

By dizt3mp3r Last update Oct 13, 2010 — Installed 371 times.

Script Summary: Gives you back the previous look and feel to the BBC news website.


Gives you back the previous look and feel to the BBC news website. Click on the picture above to see what it does (Poor Norman...) If you download this will you please add a kind review and get your mates/friends to try it out too? Thanks! You will of course need Greasemonkey which you can get here:

o Gives you back the left hand menu with the previous 'look and feel'
o Changes the masthead to black and reduces the font size
o Removes the new top menu
o Reduces the headline font size
o Changes the default font to verdana
o Reduces the section font sizes
o Reduces the garishness of the Most Popular tabbed group
o Removes a few news sections that intrude on the browsing experience
o Removed new promotional sections used for non-UK advertising
o Removed unnecessary extra images

Generally makes the new BBC news website less 'monstrous'.

Recent changes:

9th October 2010 - Changed uppercase and colour Shared/Read/Watched/Listened
9th October 2010 - Changed the mast head solid black to a gradient
10th October 2010 - Reduced the general link size, no longer emboldened
10th October 2010 - Moved the main article picture/video to the left
10th October 2010 - Moved the main right hand column removing the huge gap
10th October 2010 - Moved the Related Stories down underneath the right hand column
10th October 2010 - Cut down width of byline
10th October 2010 - Main article headline width restricted to the article width
11th October 2010 - Speeded up slightly, removed one line slowing everything
11th October 2010 - Moved the market data analysis widget to the left
13th October 2010 - 'Special' extra large headline reduced
13th October 2010 - Inset extra feature links, hypertabs, made to fit the content width

This was originally created by Tom Veil and all due credit goes to him. I have just customised the script to do more! It is still being modified to cope with all that garishness, this is a work in progress. So please be patient.

Please give us a good review and some feedback that you like Tom's and my work.