By znerp Last update Nov 9, 2010 — Installed 161,763 times.

Script Summary: larger versions of thumbnails and profile pictures on mouseover on Based on inYOfaceBook and inYOfac3Book.

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This script is very similar to my script inYOfac3Book, but with a few minor changes;

  • pages will load much faster; larger images only load when the mouse is over small ones,
  • larger images remain visible if the mouse is over them until the mouse goes off them,
  • larger images will display image titles if the mouse hovers over them (this can only occur when the large image overlaps the smaller one when it is displayed),
  • funky image background behind the larger images whilst they are loading.
The main advantage of this over inYOfac3Book is the first point; images are only loaded on demand, giving the page a quicker load time, but large images will have a slower load time if you wish to view them.

NB. you need to be using the Firefox web browser with the Greasemonkey extension installed to use this script.

Update Log

26-April-2007: image titles only added to large image if they have one initially. This will stop 'null' coming up on mouseover of such images.
09-May-2007: small gap along bottom of larger images now removed.
09-May-2007: a bug that makes the window too wide removed.
10-May-2007: further bugs with window width removed. Issues now remain with 'tearing' of the window, although I can't find any good fixes at this time.
29-May-2007: fixed Facebook applications bug.
30-May-2007: large images now link to the same place as the small images.
18-June-2007: Page no longer tears when scrolling after viewing large images. Large image now disappears if the mouse is moved more than 37 pixels.
3-July-2007: Minor tweaking of when image should disappear.
28-September-2007: Minor change to fix when large images should appear to fix problems with apps.
12-October-2007: Minor change to image titles. Problems with apostrophes now fixed.
22-November-2007: I've made a few pretty major display changes, also more tweaking of then images should be displayed. Thanks also to Raffles for the input. Further changes implemented as suggested by Raffles.
27-November-2007: More changes made to determine when images should display. There should no longer be problems with apps where image appears to be loading forever, and facebook should have quicker loadtimes. Thanks again to Raffles for the comment.
9-December-2007: Further minor tweaking of which images should enlarge.
23-December-2007: Fixed to work with Facebook's new way of displaying friends.
9-January-2008: Yet more tweaking of which images get enlarged.
24-April-2008: Changes for new "People You May Know" box.
2-May-2008: Fixed to go over search box.
13-May-2008: Fixed to be more efficient, and should work on all small images (some issues were experienced with the previous version).
14-May-2008: A few minor changes to restore some functionality lost due to recent facebook changes.
23-July-2008: Full functionality should restored from facebook changes in mid-May.
19-August-2008: Fixed so it should now work with every image again.
11-February-2009: Fixed to work on all images on Facebook.
15-March-2009: Fixed for changes to Facebook.
16-March-2009: Small fix to make this compatible with other scripts that square off the corners.
18-March-2009: More fixes for changes to Facebook.
8-April-2009: Fixed to minimise memory leeks in Firefox.
25-April-2009: Changed to try to remove bug experienced by some users.
5-May-2009: Changes made thanks to sizzlemctwizzle's suggestion.
4-July-2009: Fixed for Facebook changes. Should work on all images again now.
1 August 2009: Fixed thanks to the comment from blackwind.
4 August 09: Fixed stupid bug. Should work now.
21 October 2009: Fixed to hopefully reduce memory leaks.
24 Ocotber 2009: Fixed for undefined links. Thanks to leoncub for pointing this out.
1 November 2009: Fixed to work more reliably.
8 August 2010: Updated for new gallery formatting.
5 October 2010: Updated for Facebook change.
6 October 2010: Some more tweaking for the Facebook change.
9 November 2010: Some more tweaking for another Facebook change.


Also note that in the screenshot below, the menu bar is on the left because I'm using the script Undo new facebook redesign.