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Script Summary: a twitter client

Version: 0.2999931

Script homepage

I made the twitter_lite.xpi which is a extension version of this user script.

twitter_lite.xpi is one of firefox sidebar extension which provides twitter client.

This is a twitter client running in any page.
Hit shift-T, "twitter lite" appears at the right-bottom corner of the active page.

extra features:
It has some secret commands.

:search keyword

-> search twitter record includes keyword

:mode [public|friend]

-> change public timeline or friend timeline.

:flickr keyword

-> search for images related keyword in flickr.

:amazon keyword

-> search for books related keyword in amazon(Japan).

:js script

-> evaluate script.

If you hit shift-enter in input field, then it changes to multi-line field(textarea), and to hit shift-enter in multi-line field, you can submit it.
If you double-click in input field, then information of reading page put into input field.

It's not available on frame pages. (ex. gmail)

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