3ICE's Youtube Link Cleaner / Optimizer / Shortener / Tracking Remover

By 3ICE Last update Jul 24, 2011 — Installed 17,522 times.

Script Summary: Removes the annoying tracking parameter called "feature" from links on YouTube. (&feature=related and ~25 others) All your YouTube links will follow the same pattern. No unnecessary information in URLs.

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Screenshot (real, big, awesome, source code, older version 3.3)

  • Remove tracking parameter from YouTube.
  • Shorten YouTube URLs.
  • Clean YouTube URL.
  • Uniform YouTube links.

New in 3.333: Added (and subsequently fixed) support for the https protocol. Thanks to ranch2thedressing for reporting the issue and thanks to derula for spotting the mistake in my implementation. He rewrote my script (with my permission of course) to handle parameters better, you can find his version here.

New in 3.33: Link colors are forced to be blue by default, purple when visited.
This helps you skip (or just keep track of) videos you have already seen. And you will be able to tell when YouTube incorrectly marks random videos as "Watched".

Made by Daniel "3ICE" Berezvai. Thanks to Mewes Kochheim.

Google Chrome users can install the Remotely hosted version to fix the ugly name (86758.user.js).

Full list of removed items: aso, channel, chclk, dka, featured, feedlik, feedrec_grec_index, feedrec_grec_index_more, feedu, fvhl, fvhr, fvsr, fvwk, geo, grec_index, mh, mhum, more_related, popular, related, spotlight, sub, topvideos, watch_response, watch_response_rev, eurl