Deviant enlarge

By znerp Last update Aug 23, 2009 — Installed 24,160 times.

Script Summary: Displays fullsize versions (images that are too large are scaled to fit window) of thumbnail images on on mouseover.

UPDATE 16-June-2007: Large images now link to the same page as smaller ones.
UPDATE 18-June-2007: Page no longer tears when scrolling after viewing pictures.
UPDATE 25-June-2007: Fixed problem as spotted by Mercury777, also images now hide when moving the mouse more than 100 pixels after the mouseover on small images.
UPDATE 3-July-2007: Minor tweaking of when image should disappear.
UPDATE 5-August-2007: Large images now display properly again.
UPDATE 17-December-2008: Fixed for recent deviantART changes.
UPDATE 14-February-2009: Fixed to work for galleries.
UPDATE 20-March-2009: Minor changes to hopefully improve speed.
UPDATE 14 June 2009: Fixed to work again.
UPDATE 23 August 2009: Fixed for Deviant Art changes again.

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