OGame Redesign: Color the Message Subjects

By Vess Last update Aug 16, 2013 — Installed 16,596 times.

Script Summary: Colors the Subject of some messages

Version: 1.11


Imagine the following situation. You wake up in the morning and take a look at the game. During the night your saved and transporting fleets have their destination and have probably even returned. This has resulted into dozens of "Return of fleet" and "Reaching a planet" messages in your mailbox. Buried somewhere among them is a message warning you about espionage action - i.e., that somebody has spied one of your planets. However, the subject of that message is colored identically to the others and it is easy to miss.

Having Commander doesn't help with this problem. Internally, due to idiotic design from the part of GameForge, the "espionage action" messages are of the same category as the "return of fleet" and "reaching a planet" messages, so the Commander will lump them all together into the same mailbox too.

I wanted to fix this stupidity by coloring the subjects of the "espionage action" messages differently (e.g., in yellow). Unfortunately, it is not possible to solve this problem in a language-independent way - precisely because internally these messages look exactly like the "return of fleet" and "reaching a planet" messages. So, I have to distinguish them from the contents of the subject - but that makes the script language-dependent.

Currently the script supports English, German, Bulgarian and Russian servers. If you tell me how this subject looks in other languages, I'll add support for them too. Unfortunately, my editor can't handle "bizarre" character sets like Chinese, Japanese and Arabic - although it can handle Cyrillic (obviously) and also Greek, I think.

2010-09-19. Version 1.01. Major update. Change log:

  1. The script was murderously slow if the game was configured to open the espionage reports and the mailbox contained many (e.g., 50) such opened reports. Fixed by using the getElementsByClassName() method to get the subjects of the messages. Since this method is not supported by all browsers (e.g., Firefox 2.x), used a portable getElementsByClassName() function developed by Robert Nyman.
  2. Added French language support.
  3. Added coloring of the subjects of other kinds of messages - private messages (in green) and expedition reports (in dark orchid). This coloring is language-independent and should work on all servers.
  4. Since the script now colors not only the subject of the espionage action messages, changed its title and description. You might want to uninstall the old version before installing this one, so that the new name and description are reflected in GreaseMonkey, although it is not vital for the functioning of the script.
  5. Moved the colors for the various kinds of messages into constants at the beginning of the script, so that they can be changed easily if you happen not to like my particular set of colors

2010-09-20. Version 1.02. Added Spanish language support.

2010-09-23. Version 1.03. Added Czech and Greek language support.

2010-11-04. Version 1.04. Added Polish language support.

2010-11-24. Version 1.05. Added Portuguese language support.

2010-12-11. Version 1.06. Added Croatian language support.

2010-12-12. Version 1.07. The script now colors the subjects of the circular messages in bluish color (#0044FF). Pure Blue color (#0000FF) makes them too difficult to read on black background (at least on my screen) - that's why I chose this nameless color.

2010-12-25. Version 1.08. Added Serbian language support.

2012-02-14. Version 1.09. In version 3.1.2 of OGame the game colors the subjects of the espionage reports itself in a way which overrides the color set by this script. Since some people might prefer the color used by this script (or the one they have specified themselves by editing the script), I have updated the script to remove OGame's original color of these subject lines. I have also written most of the script in jQuery, which should make it much more portable across browsers.

2012-11-01. Version 1.10. Added coloring of the subject of one's own messages in the Outbox (visible only if you have Commander). The same color as the color for private messages is used.

2012-11-01. Version 1.11. Fixed a problem with the new version of jQuery, currently used by the game. Please have in mind that the script nevertheless does not work in my browser, just like many other parts of the game itself, so I have stopped playing long time ago. In other words - do not expect active support of my scripts any more.