Stealth Kiwi

By Devan Last update Apr 20, 2007 — Installed 6,656 times.

Script Summary: A completely rewritten version of GTD tool Super Kiwi Cloak that doesn't penalize you for missing the top of the hour. Now, you can take a surfing break whenever you want, and then block webpages and stay focused for the next hour.

This is an updated version of Super Kiwi Cloak that allows you greater flexibility and will help you stay even more on task.

Stealth Kiwi is a GTD tool that blocks access to all "Included pages" during work hours. Because a script is so easy to get around, SK relaxes its guard every hour. By giving yourself a future break time, you have less incentive to break your rules, and more chances to Get Things Done.

Responding to popular demand, I've reworked Stealth Kiwi so that you can take a break any time after the hour has passed, instead of just during a scheduled period. You will have 10 minutes from whenever you start the break to play, after which SK will block you until an hour has passed. This way, you can focus on work instead of the clock, taking breaks when you really need them, not just when the internet comes back.

By default, the script is set to block access from 9am to 5pm on weekdays. It is set to allow a ten-minute window of surfing, after which it blocks the internet from bring used for 50 minutes (for a total cycle time of one hour). These settings can all be changed within the script. Once you begin using the blocked pages, the cycle begins anew, giving you a break period and then blocking for the rest of the hour.

You can specify a page to be blocked by adding it to "Included Pages" or whitelist it by adding it to "Excluded Pages" through the "Manage User Scripts" menu. This script is set to block all pages by default, but you can remove this by removing * from the "Included Pages".

Stealth Kiwi is a modification of Super Kiwi Cloak and the original Kiwi Cloak script by Jeremy Freese and Lucy Pigpuppet (which was, in turn, based on Lifehacker Gina Trapani's Invisibility Cloak).