ToodleDo Multi-Edit Tasks

By papagayo Last update Nov 27, 2011 — Installed 6,422 times.

Script Summary: Allow ToodleDo users to edit multiple tasks at once!

Updated 11/27/2011:
  • Delete tasks fix by michalig. Thanks!

Updated 10/7/2011:
  • Changed inclusion to
  • I am looking for help in maintaining this script. There are features I'd still like to implement, but don't have the time due to work obligations. If anyone is interested, please let me know.

Updated 7/26/2011:
  • Some changes to support new TD UI. Please report bugs!

Updated 4/11/2011:
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts not working due to Event.element now being found

Updated 4/11/2011:
  • Fixed slim exclusion wildcard entry

Updated 4/10/2011:
  • Fixed "add tag" issues in Firefox 4.0

Updated 3/20/2011:
  • Fixed updating priorities and tab-clicking (due to changes in TD code)

Updated 2/4/2011:
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts

Updated 12/23/2010:
  • Added Delete Multiple Tasks!
  • Cleaned up default behavior of floating links.
  • Removed Starred Search Tab (relic of days gone by...)

Updated 12/22/2010: Add Clone Tasks link!

This script adds a checkbox to each todo item. It also adds links and keystrokes that allow you to edit multiple items at once.

Features include:

  • Select "None | All | Overdue | Today | Tomorrow | Negative | Low | Medium | High | Top | Tag..."
  • Set due date for selected tasks:
    • "Postpone" (defaults to postponse selected tasks by one day)
    • "Postpone x Days" (prompts you to enter number of days to postpone selected tasks)
    • "Set Due Date" (prompts you to enter due date for selected tasks)
  • Set priority for selected tasks ("Negative | Low | Medium | High | Top")
  • Add or remove tags for selected tasks (append tag, replace tag, delete tag/tags)
  • Clone selected tasks
  • Also overrides some keyboard shortcuts:
    • "p": postpone all selected events by one day
    • "x": postpone all selected events by "x" days (prompt)
    • "d": set due date for all selected tasks with a string (prompt)
    • "m": go to due-date screen (since "d" is overridden)
    • "a": select all tasks
    • "c": de-select all tasks ('esc' also works)
    • "e": show/hide the floating links at the bottom of the screen. Script will remember the last state (hidden/visible) each time the page is loaded.