A Better eBay Filter

By Michael Devore Last update Feb 11, 2013 — Installed 6,893 times.

Script Summary: Filter eBay listings and searches to hide item entries from sellers who have a feedback score or positive percentage below values you specify, or above for feedback score. Updated for recent eBay redesign.

NOTE: For the script to work properly, choose List View (not Gallery View), and turn on the Seller details option in Customize View, so that the seller information is displayed in the listings.

Last updated for recent eBay changes which broke previous versions of the script (March 2012).

A Better eBay Filter is a Greasemonkey script designed for users of eBay. It filters eBay searches to hide item entries from sellers who have a feedback score or positive percentage below values you specify, or above for feedback score, or Top-rated sellers. The input values can be dynamically changed to filter items into or out of view. Last values are saved between browsing sessions. Purchasers use A Better eBay Filter to winnow the display of auctions to sellers they want to bid with. Note: A Better eBay Filter does require setting a nondefault value in Customize Display one time, a matter of four mouse clicks and a few seconds of effort.

A Better eBay Filter requires feedback information to be displayed on each item entry so it can filter the results. This information is not normally displayed without a small and easy change to your eBay setup. Note that specific link and button text is listed in English, the actual eBay text may differ depending on the site's native language.

Immediately after installing A Better eBay Filter, go to a listing or search screen. Click the Customize view link at the top of the listings, on the right side. This will navigate you to the Customize your search popup page. On that page, you should see a selection titled Seller Information on the right side. Select that option and you will see several checkboxes, one titled Seller Feedback. Check the checkbox. Click the Apply changes button at the button to finish the eBay setup.

After the proper setup, on each listing or search screen, A Better eBay filter will display two status lines immediately below the basic Search line (see the screenshots above). The first status line shows the minimum feedback score and positive feedback percentage necessary to display an item entry. The initial values of 50 and 98.5 are fairly forgiving, but easy to change. In addition, you may specify a maximum feedback score, or leave it blank if you do not wish a maximum: zero is not the same as blank. The default is blank (no maximum). Also, there is a checkbox to filter out Top-rated Sellers. The second line displays an Update Filter button and the current number of items hidden from view by the filter.

You can change the score and percentage values to whatever you want. For example, if you do not want to hide new user auctions, you can change the feedback score to 1 (or 0) and see those auctions. Should you change a value, the filtered items message changes to a Values changed. message. This is an indication to press the Update Filter button to immediately update the display with the new filter constraints. Each time you press Update Filter, the current values are stored for a future browser session or search/listing page display. You are not prohibited from choosing values which will hide all items, e.g. a Minimum positive feedback input of greater than 100 will filter out all entries, as will a minimum score higher than the maximum.

If you find a bug, or new features are desired you may contact me on my support blog to request changes or enhancements. Thanks.