Gmail Labels Icons

By Khaled Al Hourani Last update Sep 4, 2010 — Installed 5,898 times.

Script Summary: Add icons to Gmail labels

Version: 1.0

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How to use?

  • Install Greasemonkey Firefox Addon.
  • Restart Firefox for sure after installing the addon.
  • Go to Gmail Labels Icons page, and click Install.
  • Now refresh your Gmail inbox page.
  • Click on the square besides any label (the same color square) and tada! you'll see the icons above the colors

Common problems, bugs and issues:

  • It's still an alpha testing script.
  • It may take time to show the icons because my server is slower than Gmail, duh!
  • You can't set back colors instead of icons (I'm trying to solve it very soon) unless you disabled it.
  • Doesn't work on Chrome and Chromium yet.


Feedback? issues and problems? want to make it better? script repository.