Go Away Tweets

By Bashar Last update Sep 2, 2010 — Installed 207 times.

Script Summary: Greasemonkey script to hide tweets that gets on your nerve

This is a quick hack to auto-delete certain trending tweets that might get annoying at some time. Like poor non-football fans during the world cup.

To set your desired keywords, follow these steps:

1- Install the script
2- Go to Tools -> Greasemonkey -> Manage User Scripts
3- Select the Go Away Tweets script and click Edit
4- There is a list of keywords in the form
keywords[0] = "your word here"
keywords[1] = "your word here"

Set your word where it says so. You can add more keywords by duplicating the line and incrementing the counter, e.g.

NOTE: Google Chrome users are better using Blank Canvas Script Handler to enable easy editing.

LIMITATIONS: Currently the script only runs at first time. If you fetch new tweets on the fly without refresh, your evil tweets will come back. SORRY :>

Credit: I did get little thoughts from twitterRemoveTweetsWithKeywords