twitter mod

By joshyu Last update May 10, 2007 — Installed 3,857 times.

Script Summary: twitter UI and experiences improved.

some features:
1. UI improved, beautified.

2. add follower list under friends list. it's shown just when you are at your twitter home.

3. add twitter userscript list from, it's shown just when you are at your twitter home.

4. a little function:save last input. because sometime when I input more words, they were all lost. so I have to strive for remembering those setences. this function sometimes have some bugs, but It give you the choice to re input them .

5.when you click friends or followers link inside sidebar, a profile popup ,thank to twitter profile popup(

when you drag one of those friends or followers over timeline table, a red border will show, then drop it ,you can see the timeline of the specific user.
a shortcut ,right?

6. you can goto to install "twitter restyle"(, this is a separated css file from the scripts, I like to use stylish to modify UI, because of its speedy refresh.

7. add filter by... function, you can click thumbs above to filter off words by other ones.

8. click thumbs in the timeline, a list of their friends can be shown below.
added: input snippet of some name,you can find the person's thumb ,if more match, a navigation bar will be shown below.

click the user link beside thumb inside timeline, a horizonal navigation bar will popup ,you can choose to 'remove' or 'leave' the user, or filterby the user, or mask off the user. if the user is not your friend, nothing would happen.

9. select any words inside textbox, and press"search", you can see the result fetched from ,just the first page, you should go there to see other pages. just a shortcut here.

10.add banner before timeline, you can open the banner to do something such as click your friends' or followers' or 'featured user' thumb to view their timeline.

11.add tinyurl handler,when you click tiny url ,it will be translated to its real link firstly, then you can choose whether or not follow it.

12.when you input @ or D<space> in the textbox, name list of your friends will appear below, click the username ,you can view their timeline.

well, you can enjoy twitter as a SNS. you can view friend's friends' timeline just in the same page. everything will become so easy.

some more features will be brought out later. waiting for your reply and feature request.

add "nearest first" button to sidebar friend list. you click it, the friend list will be sorted by their last update time, nearest updater first.

add "refresh" link, which implements the same as default timed updater implementation. when you wanna refresh the list and see what' up right now , just click the link.

when you click thumb inside the main timeline, friend list of the user will display below. a new button added, you can view their current timeline at once.</space>