YouTube Link Title

By kuehlschrank Last update Mar 13, 2014 — Installed 117,827 times.

Script Summary: Adds video titles, shows previews and embeds on click. Also supported: Vimeo, LiveLeak, Dailymotion, WorldStarHipHop, Vine, Coub

Version: 2014.3.12

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What it does

  • If link text doesn't contain a URL, the video title will be added as tooltip instead.
  • A crossed out link indicates that the video is unavailable (probably blocked in your country).
  • Move cursor over links to see preview images.
  • URLs are rewritten to clean HTTPS addresses.
If you left-click a video link, the video gets embedded and started.
  • Time offsets like "t=3m21s" are preserved.
  • You can still follow links normally by middle click, Ctrl + click etc.
  • Some uploaders don't want their videos to be embedded. These videos will open in a new tab.
  • Embed modes:
    1. inline (link gets replaced with video)
    2. draggable, non-scrolling in-page popup (default)
    3. freely resizable popup window (doesn't close when you leave the page)
  • Support for Vimeo, LiveLeak, Dailymotion, WorldStarHipHop and Vine
  • Titles are cached to reduce traffic and delay on subsequent visits.


  • Compatibility: Greasemonkey (Firefox), Tampermonkey (Chrome), Violentmonkey (Opera 12)
  • Settings are available under monkey toolbar icon → "User Script Commands" → "Set up...".
  • This script only processes genuine (clickable) HTML links. Install a linkification add-on to make text links clickable.


2014-03-12don't show preview if link contains iframe
2014-03-07added Coub
2013-11-25ignore video thumbnails in Facebook's news feed
2013-11-07don't run inside YouTube's new comments frame
2013-09-18removed parameter-related setting in favor of stricter URL parsing
2013-09-12fixed rare styling issue
2013-08-23allow hours in time offsets
2013-08-19preserve list information in cleaned up YouTube links
2013-08-14ignore errors due to malformed URLs
2013-07-25fixed preview closing and YouTube time offsets, removed old workaround for Tampermonkey
2013-07-03minor fixes
2013-06-06added Dailymotion and Vine, removed Nicovideo