Quake Live No PreGame Ads

By fusen Last update Aug 23, 2010 — Installed 9,347 times.

Script Summary: This removes the pregame ads from showing when joining a server. Skip straight to joining the game.

Version: 1.1

Change Log/History

  • 8th August Quake Live changed some of their code which stopped the script from launching the game, script now updated to work normally again. QL devs may make this a cat and mouse game where they keep breaking this script so if the game stops launching, disable this script until I release an update
  • 7th August Initial script written, changing the show advert function to instead simply launch the game


  • Stop the flash pregame adverts from appearing even when you don't pay for a premium/pro account.
  • Support Quake Live if you can, if no one pays and no one views ads then the site will disappear.