Google Books - Peninsula Library System Lookup

By Al's scripts Last update Mar 6, 2008 — Installed 884 times.

Script Summary: Mashup of Google Book Search and the San Francisco Peninsula Library system's book search. Immediately tells you if the book you're paging through on Google Book Search is available in the library. Also adds links to each library's map & hours.

(Updated end of 2007 to handle Google Book Search's new link layout and book title position)

The script puts a small yellow box in the corner of your Google Book Search screen. The box includes a book title and a link to the library system's search results. When clicked, the script opens a new tab containing the library's lookup page with the book's location and status. The script also linkifies the library names on this page, to point to the library's street map, hours and phone page.

This GM script acts on 2 completely separate pages. After installing the script, simply goto, search and arrive at a specific book. Screenshot available here:

Install this script, then simply goto, search for something then click through to a specific book.

This hack was based on Junk Blocker's Peninsula Library System Amazon Lookup, which is based on... the Library Lookup script

Update: March 6 to update the way I search for ISBN number on the Amazon hyperlink. Google changed the syntax a little, so you need this update for the script to function.