Twitter Unicode Hashtags + RTL support (#oldtwitter)

By Guy Sheffer Last update Dec 1, 2010 — Installed 627 times.

Script Summary: Adds search links to non-Latin hashtugs (tested Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and more). Also adds RTL support to tweets view! Performance has been taken in to account. for the new twitter derived script visit:



This script adds search links to non-Latin hashtugs on twitter.
Any hashtags that are non-Latin would be highlighted and linked to a search (without the number sign (#) due to a twitter bug).

You can see more info in it in my blog
There is a #newTwitter version that builds on this original script. Get it at:


  • Highlights and links any unicode hashtag on twitter
  • Works with evrey possible update of the page
  • RTL view support for tweets!
  • Performance is better than most scripts due to the use of runOnTweets (module)


2010-12-01 Added support for tags with underscores and dots in between
2010-08-14 Another Minor fix to the tag capture regex, will work with brackets now.
2010-08-14 Minor fix to the tag capture regex, now will detect the tag if its next to punctuation.
2010-08-12 Added a few sanity checks for nulls, Because for some reason the script started crashing on the 'replies' tab (but only if you used AJAX and not refresh, looks like some strange thing in the twitter website code).
2010-08-10-5 Bug fix: Now only shifts the tweet entry, it means hover things are shown correctly now in all cases, thinks like timestamp and favorite button (but the username is on the left, it look better).
2010-08-10-4 Bug fix: 'retweeted' by is in the right place now.
2010-08-10-3 Bug fix: Now checks RTL only in the first three words. Bugfix: using some code from Twitter_Directionality (but improved because it had a bug too). So now the hovering stuff also works in RTL.
2010-08-10-2 Bug fix: now checks RTL only in the first two words (so things like @guysoft [rtl] work.
2010-08-10-1 Bug fix: now checks for RTL only in the first word (it seems to work better). Plus scans for RTL only in the tweet (not in places like the alt text etc).
2010-08-10 Added RTL support feature! Flips RTL languages to the right direction. Took the code from Twitter RTL Support. But removed the bad timers. It has better performance now!
2010-08-02 Script uses runOnTweets (module) - now works with every possible update of the page. Done thanks to themiddleman!
2010-08-01 Fixed the 'more' button
2010-07-30 Initial release