The West - Best Job Items Selector

By jilly Last update Mar 15, 2011 — Installed 26,598 times.

Script Summary: Finds best items for selected job, building in town or building in fort. Button is integrated into job information window.



Are you bored of importing your character, inventory and other information to every time you want to find best items for current job? You don't have to! This script finds best items for current job and is integrated directly into the-west user interface (best items are highlighted in your inventory window).


Usage is very simple. Once you select job on map, a button is placed after job description. (it works also for building in town or fort). When you push it, inventory window is opened and suggested items are highlited, so you can change them. If there are no suitable items for current job, error message is displayed.

Errors, bugs, improvements, suggestions

Script stopped working or is not working after installation at all ...
Please send me at least description of the error (example: "Script was working ok until i reached level 60 .." or "I installed the script but the calculation button doesn't appear" etc). However, the best thing which would help me is the javascript error output (in firefox it is accessible through main menu "Tools -> Error console" Error message could look like this: "elm is undefined".

If you think there is bug in the script (example: bad computation) ...
Please send me description of the bug. Example: "I bought Licoln's top hat and I'm pretty sure that it is the best item for building wind mills. But the script didn't highlight this item."

Debugging ...
You can also use debugging mode by setting 'debug' variable to true at the begining of the script (you have to manually edit script's javascript code. In firefox the script is located in your firefox profile in direcory gm_scripts/<script_name>/). Once you reload the page, you will see textarea showing information about the process of calculation.

Suggestions ...
Do you have any suggestions how to improve this script? Add new features, change behaviour etc. Feel free to write it down in script discussion section or post me PM. I am (and will be) very glad that script is useful and appreciate any feedback. Thanks.


  • finish item sets
    - complete list with item sets and add missing information about each set
    - add missing (newly created) item sets
  • i18n support - translate

Known issues

Here is list of known issues. I will fix them as soon as I figure out, why the hell they exist.

  • You can't fight in a battle if script is turned on. Best thing to do is turn off Greasemonkey before battle and turn it on afterwards. [FIXED]


  • 1.2
    • Fixed problem with binding !!!
      • market place, fort battles etc. should now work fine with script! (if not, please report)
    • "Put on suggested clothes" button
      • New button was added. If you click it, all suggested (highlighted) items are automatically put on.
    • I18N started
      • Support for i18n imlemented. Now need to translate to other languages..
  • 1.1
    • Implemented item sets bonuses (some are still missing).
      • When trying to find the best combination using item sets bonuses, script does not try to combine more item sets together. It only finds out if some combination of items from each of all possible item sets and the rest of items from combination that does not involve item sets bonuses is better than that whole combination (that one which does not involve item sets bonuses). In other words, for each possible item set tries to combine from 2 to 'maximal items in current set' items with the 'best' combination that didn't involve item sets bonuses in calculation.
        By analysing items bonuses and item sets bonuses I found out that it is almost impossible to combine more item sets together and still have better total bonus than using only one or none of item sets. Therefore there's no need to worry about it :).
  • 1.0
    • first version - basic implementation
      • Script finds out best item for each wear type ("body", "head" ...). Best item is item of current wear type which maximizes current job input requirements and its bonus is higher than 0. As a result returns list of these best items (if they exist).


The West - Best Job Items Selector is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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