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By AmpliDude Last update Nov 14, 2012 — Installed 591,079 times.

Script Summary: Adds various functionalities to Lord of Ultima

Version: 1.7.6

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LoU Tweak adds extra functionality to Lord of Ultima, making your gameplay more comfortable. It uses game mechanics and interface, so it's easy to use.


  • Keyboard shortcuts for upgrading / downgrading / building structures
  • MiniMap
  • City Layout Sharestring generator
  • Current / Max queue info
  • Incoming resources info
  • Overlay city layout
  • Extra buttons for BB-Codes
More features will be added in the future.

How to use

Building Upgrades / Downgrades

To upgrade / downgrade a building, first selecet building and then press one of the following keys:

  • u - upgrade selected building by one level
  • U ('Shift+u') - upgrade selected building to maximum level (if there is enough room in queue)
  • d - downgrade selected building by one level
  • D ('Shift+d') - demolish selected building (in one slot)
  • a - assign upgrade to Minister (one level)
  • A ('Shift+a') - assign upgrade to Minister (maximum level)
  • d - destroy selected resource node
  • 1-9 - upgrade building upto selected level
    Note: key '1' upgrades to level 10 (same as Shift+u)

To construct a building, first select an empty building place and press one of the following keys:
W - WoodcutterQ - QuarryI - Iron MineF - Farm
C - CottageS - WarehouseH - HideoutP - Market
L - SawmillA - StonemasonD - FoundryM - Mill
T - TownhouseR - HarborV - ShipyardK - City Guard House
B - BarracksG - Training GroundE - StableY - Workshop
X - CastleJ - Moonglow TowerZ - Trinsic Temple1 - Lookout Tower
2 - Ballista Tower3 - Guardian Tower4 - Ranger Tower5 - Templar Tower
6 - Pitfall Trap7 - Barricade8 - Arcane Trap9 - Camouflage Trap
Note: building Castle requires user confirmation. Shortcut keys are configurable via LoU Tweak Options Window.

To upgrade lowest level building of some type, do NOT select any buildings and press one of the following keys:
  • t - upgrade lowest level tower
  • T ('Shift+t') - assign upgrade of lowest level tower to Minister
  • n - upgrade lowest level military building
  • N ('Shift+m') - assign upgrade of lowest level military building to Minister
  • b - upgrade lowest level barracks
  • B ('Shift+b') - assign upgrade of lowest level barracks to Minister
  • c - upgrade lowest level cottage
  • C ('Shift+c') - assign upgrade of lowest level cottage to Minister
  • e - upgrade lowest level resource building (woodcutter / quarry / iron / farm)
  • E ('Shift+e') - assign upgrade of lowest level resource building (woodcutter / quarry / iron / farm) to Minister
  • u - upgrade lowest level utility building (sawmill, stonemason, mill, foundry, warehouse, market, hideout, townhouse, town hall, harbor)
  • u ('Shift+u') - assign upgrade of lowest level utility building to Minister
  • l (lowercase L) - upgrade lowest level building (Important! Go to LoU Options and select which buildings you want to upgrade!)
  • L ('Shift+l') - assign upgrade of lowest level building to Minister
  • Q ('Shift+q') - populate building queue with lowest level buildings
  • A ('Shift+a') - populate building queue with lowest level buildings (assign to Minister)
Note: if you press a button and nothing happens, then click on game interface (info pane on the left side or scrollbar) and press button again. No action after pressing a button may also mean, that all buildings are fully upgraded or you don't have enough resources.

To move a building, first select the building, press M, then select a new place for that building, by clicking on a empty place and press M again.

You can switch to previous / next city with following keys:
  • [ - previous city
  • ] - next city

Incoming Resources Label

If there are any incoming traders coming to city it will be displayed above build queue. It will show amount of incoming resources, time of next arrival and amount of resources after all traders arrive (including goods produced by town) and free space.
This info is contextual, so if there are no traders coming in, the label will be hidden. You can turn off or make it always visible in Options.
You can set font colors in options if you have problems with viewing them.

City Layout Sharestring / Overlay layout

To view layout Sharestring of current city press 'L' button located on 'Building Queue' label.

A window will open where you can select which Sharestring to display. LoU Tweak generates Sharestring for:

At bottom of City Layout window you can find two links, each one will open a new tab with city layout in an appropriate Flash planner.
To display an Overlay layout, click the 'Overlay layout' tab and paste a valid city Sharestring or (long) link from any Flash planner into textfield and press 'Apply layout'. Pressing 'Remove layout' will delete current city layout and stop displaying it.
Pressing the 'Export' button will open a window with a textfield containing all city layouts. It is recommended that you export layouts before server maintenance, so they won't be lost when the server url changes.

'City / Player / Alliance / Link' buttons

These buttons will insert BB-Codes into chat line, so after sending the message they will be converted into links.

'City' button - if you type coordinats into chat line and press this button, the coords will be surrounded with [city] tag. You can input several pairs of coordinates, each of them will be converted. If there are no coords inserted, an empty set of tags will be placed at the end of chat line.
'Player / Alliance' buttons - you can type a name and select it with mouse and then click one of the buttons, selected text will be surrounded by tags. If you don't select any text, an empty set of tags will be inserted at the end of chat line.
'Link' button will insert [url] tag into chat line that allows to create clickable url.

Note: if you have enabled 'Remember last channel' in game options, these buttons won't work.

LoU Tweak 'Options' button

LoU Tweak Options button ('O' button) is located under chat, near 'Game Rules' link.

In options you can turn on and off various tweak functions and set keyboard shortcuts.
Note: any key should be valid, excluding ',' (comma) and Del key.
You can remove shortcut completely - first click a button and then press 'Delete' key on your keyboard.

To save the options and close the window click the 'Save' button.

Note: some settings (language switch, [city] tag setting, importing options) require game restart.


This script was originally made to use with Greasemonkey plugin in Firefox browser. Google Chrome and Opera browsers should also handle this script, although some functions may not work as planned.


This script contains an automatic updater by sizzlemctwizzle.

This script does not gather and store any information about user or gameplay. Everything is being processed in realtime using the game API.

As an autor of this script I did my best to make the script work without causing problems in normal gameplay. This however does not mean everything will always work as it should. If you get an error or notice that the script doesn't work as it should please report it.

Note: a word from official game forums:

EA has the right to blacklist a tool. If a user is found to be using a tool after it has been officially blacklisted, EA can and will ban the users using this tool
Personally I am trying to keep this tool legal in terms of EA.
As for now, this script was not treated as blacklisted.
Please bear in mind that it might change. You are using it at your own risk.


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