- show new comments and installs

By Arvid Last update Mar 27, 2007 — Installed 905 times.

Script Summary: Show which scripts on your scripts-page that has new comments or installs since last time you checked.

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Basically, this script shows how many new comments or installs each of your scripts has gotten since you last checked. It also sums up the total number of times your (or someone else's) scripts has been installed, and the total amount of comments your script has gotten. Scripts with new installs or comments are moved to the top.

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2007-03-27	1.2
* Removed the signs from the total count of new installs or comments
* Redid the sorting so that the most interesting scripts should be on top, 
	where interestingness is measured in the number of new comments.

2007-03-22	1.1a
* Fixed a bug with humanized times (in the last 1 hour => in the last hour)

2007-03-22	1.1
* Humanize numbers (10000 => 10,000)
* Show humanized time since last check (1 hour ago etc)

2007-03-21	1.0
* First version