Simple SmartyPants

By Aditya Mukherjee Last update Apr 1, 2007 — Installed 406 times.

Script Summary: Translates plain ASCII punctuation characters into “smart” typographic punctuation HTML entities for the blogger post editor.

This is something like a SmartyPants, but for the Blogger editor. I made this because the normal 'dumb' quotes and punctuations don't look that nice, and manually adding the HTML entities can be extremely tedious. This takes quote marks (' and ") and converts them to their curly cousins (? and ?). It can handle most cases (like quotes in between words [don't], or when used to truncate dates ['80's], or surround some text with double quotes ["to be, or not to be"]) pretty well. It also handles ellipsis and hyphens.

* Fixed left curly quote and right curly quote placement recognising

Known Issues:
* Still doesn't handle code bits. Any help regarding this would be much welcome.

* HTML is now recognised and skipped. Text within tags is caught and smartised! :)

Known Issues:
* Does something weird if quotes surrounded by other punctuation marks

Any other bugs, or punctuation marks to be added can be mentioned in the comments here, or on my blog! I'll follow up if the need be there.