Secure Wiki

By banzoo Last update Apr 30, 2009 — Installed 6,491 times.

Script Summary: Provides a secure connection with wikipedia and other sister projects.

Wikipedia (as well as other wikimedia projects) have the ability to provide connection to users using https. This feature can be very useful on the login page and/or in places with active censorship over the internet.
This script ensures that wikipedia, and wikipedia's sister projects use the https connection.

The script works well, yet it's still the first version, and many enhancement are still possible.
If you have problem with it, drop a comment in order to try to fix out bugs.

List of wikimedia projects "secured" by this script :
-commons (New!)
-species (New!)
-meta (New!)

If you are interested, you can find as well, as mentioned in my blog a search engine for Firefox that I've uploaded here where you can search directly for Wikipedia's article in "secure mode".

Update: Following the comment by Jeff Martin

Note:Images and medias that are shown on a page are not in https.